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"3 Cryptos to Watch Today"

3 Cryptos to Watch Today

NEW REPORT: "3 Cryptos to Watch Today"

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January 20th, 2021

In 2017, the digital currency market made investors gains unlike anything they’d ever seen.

Gains like:

  • 1,802% on Bitcoin (BTC)
  • 7,900% on Litecoin (LTC)
  • 60,900% on Ripple (XRP)

Those numbers mean that if you’d invested just $500 into Litecoin in January 2017, you’d be sitting on over $40,000 today. Buying one Bitcoin would have yielded you close to $20,000. And throwing just $5 into Ripple would have netted you over $10,000.

Those are incredible gains. And luckily for new investors, the digital currency market is still evolving.

In 2018, we entered a new digital currency market.

Investors are looking at more regulation in the near future, which will make the space safer for traditional investors.

Beyond that, many of the digital currencies that captured investors’ attention in 2017 are no longer the most profitable.

Since the early days of 2017, hundreds of new digital currencies have flooded the market. Of these, three stand out the most.

These three digital currencies apply blockchain technology in unique ways, which has allowed them to attract the attentions of major technology and finance players, including Microsoft, IBM, and even banking giant JPMorgan.

In order to help investors in learning more about these tokens, the Token Authority team has put together a new report, titled “3 Cryptos to Watch Today.”

With this FREE report, you’ll get all the following information:

  • The names of the three digital currencies that are poised to make waves in the 2018 digital currency space.
  • Detailed information on how these technologies use blockchain technology.
  • Information on how to buy these digital currencies on exchanges.

This report will help you in preparing for the 2018 digital currency market.

And as an added bonus, with our “3 Cryptos to Watch Today” report, you’ll also receive a FREE subscription to our digital currency Token Authority e-letter. This subscription comes with no commitment and will allow you to constantly have access to the top events taking place in the digital currency space. You’ll also have access to the Coin Index — a powerful tool that provides technical details on some of the top digital currencies on the market.

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